The Source â€" Generation after Generation

We're not your typical wholesaler of plumbing and heating supplies. For one thing, we've been in business since 1939. We know our stuff.

For another, we handle only the finest, highest-quality brands – as we've done throughout our long history.

Today we're still central Indiana’s most complete source of plumbing/heating supplies and plumbing/heating expertise. Our customers – primarily plumbing, heating, and mechanical contractors – know us and trust us to provide the pipe, valves and fittings, hydronic equipment, and related supplies they need for virtually any residential or commercial project. They trust us as well for the technical experience and understanding to support what we sell.

Whatever you need in the way of plumbing and heating supplies, technical expertise, and consultation, you’ll find it worth your while to contact Winthrop Supply.

When you need pipe and fittings for the big jobs, the heavy-duty jobs, come to us. We stock a huge inventory of top-quality, top brand products that’ll help you tackle any application.

Looking for more than off-the-shelf pipe and fittings? We can custom-cut your pipe to the exact lengths you specify, package it with the necessary fittings, and ship it to you direct.
Recent News
Talk about aggravation! Here we are wrapped in Winter, and suddenly, just when you’re showering one frigid morning, the water heater cops out! Or it fails just when you’re trying to tackle a sinkload of dirty dishes … or do a load of laundry. Whatever it is that keeps your water heater busy day to day, you can’t afford to have it go belly up – especially at this time of year! So, how do many Naptowners keep hot water “on tap” without fail? They look to Indy’s top plumbing supplier: Winthrop Supply.
Now is not the time to have your plumbing pipes go bad! If you haven’t checked them lately – or especially if you’ve noticed leaks or pressure problems – you might be hearing the song “Danny Boy” in your head, and you’d best heed the lyrics: “Oh, Danny-boy, the pipes, the pipes are calling …”