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4/17/20188 Benefits of PVC Plumbing Pipes & Fittings
If you’re an Indianapolis do-it-yourselfer and thinking about replacing your steel or copper plumbing pipes with PVC, the plumbing pipe and fitting specialists at Winthrop Supply say, “Wise choice!” PVC pipes and fittings offer the following advantages.
4/10/201812 Basic Kitchen Faucet Styles Available in Indy
Looking to spruce up your kitchen this spring? Winthrop Supply, a trusted Indianapolis plumbing fixture resource since 1939, suggests starting simple – with brand new kitchen faucets. We carry a variety of top-quality faucet brands, styles, and sizes, too, so there’s sure to be something that catches your fancy.
4/3/2018Follow Your Indy Neighbors to Winthrop for Superior Plumbing Supplies
If you haven’t discovered us yet, you should take a cue from your neighbors and come see us right away – especially with the Spring home improvement season well nigh upon us.
3/27/2018Water Heaters and Repair Parts – to Spring Back from Another Indianapolis Winter
We’re a Rheem-designated, UL-approved Rheem Water Heater Conversion Center. What that means is that Rheem, one of the most trusted water heater manufacturers in the world, trusts us to sell their products here in Indianapolis. That stands to reason. We have, after all, been selling Rheem water heaters longer than another U.S. distributor. Of course, Indy plumbing, heating, and mechanical contractors have trusted Winthrop for all their plumbing and related supplies since 1939. So Rheem and Winthrop are a good match.
3/20/2018Indy’s Spring Inventory of Project-Perfect Plumbing Supplies Awaits You at Winthrop
It’s all here in our Indianapolis showroom: as complete a selection of plumbing supplies as any plumbing, heating, or mechanical contractor, builder, architect, interior designer, or do-it-yourselfer could want. Seriously; you’ve got to check it out. Especially now that our Spring inventory has arrived. Come see the very latest designs.
3/13/2018What’s In the Winthrop Pipeline for Spring Plumbing Pipes and Fittings?
When it comes to plumbing pipes and fittings, Indy plumbing contractors and do-it-yourselfers know the place to go is Winthrop Supply. That’s been true since we first opened up in 1939, too. You can trust that we’ve got virtually every kind of pipe and fitting you could possibly need.
3/6/2018Help with Your Spring Projects from Indy’s Plumbing Fixture Pros at Winthrop
Now that we’re looking at another Indianapolis Winter in the rearview mirror, it’s time to head on over to Winthrop Supply, Indy’s perennial plumbing fixture go-to place. You know that leaky bathroom faucet you’ve got? We’ve got plenty of new ones – and stylish ones! – to replace it. You might want to make that a priority, too. Why? Well …
2/27/2018Your New Water Heater Awaits at Winthrop, Indy’s Own Rheem Conversion Center
Rheem, pretty much universally acknowledged as the “gold standard” in commercial and residential water heaters, designates dealers as UL-approved Rheem Water Heater Conversion Centers based on exceptional sales and service. So it stands to reason that Indy’s own Winthrop Supply would be so designated. We’ve been selling Rheem water heaters longer than any other distributor in the United States. And we’ve been providing our Indianapolis-area plumbing supply customers with exceptional service since our founding in 1939.
2/20/2018Plumbing Supplies – from Indy’s ‘First Family’ of Plumbing Suppliers
Withrop Supply has been a family-owned-and-operated plumbing supply store serving the greater Indianapolis area since 1939. Our focus has never wavered from looking after every plumbing supply need our customers may have, be they professional plumbers, contractors, architects, and interior designers or amateur do-it-yourselfers. As a family enterprise, we understand the value of providing close, personal customer service.
2/13/2018Hey, Indy! We’ve Got Every Type of Plumbing Pipe and Fitting You Could Need!
As long as homes and other buildings here in Indy have plumbing, Indy’s contractors and do-it-yourselfers are going to need plumbing pipes and fittings. And the best place to get them? That would clearly be Winthrop Supply, Indy’s go-to plumbing supplier since 1939.
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