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10/24/2017What’s the Indy Water Cooler Buzz about Winthrop Water Coolers?
Architects, interior designers, and plumbing contractors throughout central Indiana have been spreading the word that Winthrop Supply is the Indy go-to source for Elkay water coolers. Of course, that’s not really news. We’ve carried Elkay water coolers for decades. The news is that, with the economy picking up, there’s a lot of new commercial building going on our region – as well as a lot of office, retail space, and school renovation – and, yep, most of those buildings need water coolers.
10/17/2017Winthrop Plumbing Pipes and Fittings: Perfect for Indy Plumbing Upgrades
Plumbing gets old. What doesn’t? Who doesn’t? Winthrop Supply may not be able to rejuvenate you, but we might liven up your spirits with what we have to perk up your plumbing! We’re talking about our huge inventory of the finest plumbing pipes and fittings available in the Indianapolis area. Not only that, but we’re also talking about our plumbing pipe and fitting services, which customers all over Indy and beyond will likely tell you are also the finest of any plumbing supplier around.
10/10/2017Winthrop Supply Has Indy’s Top-Trending Kitchen Sinks and Faucets
Look to us for the sinks and faucets that are most in demand by Indianapolis homeowners, kitchen designers, and contractors. We’ve got the latest, trending styles. And we carry only the top brands, such as Elkay, whose stainless-steel sinks and faucets are among the most sought-after in the industry. Better yet, you’ll find all the styles you could want – and in a range of prices to suit your budget – under one roof, right here at our easily accessible Indianapolis location.
9/26/2017Water Heaters Indy Contractors Need for Any Application
Winthrop has been supplying Indianapolis-area commercial and residential contractors with the finest plumbing supplies since our founding in 1939 – getting on close to 80 years now! The quality of our service accounts for that longevity, as does, certainly, the quality of our products. And, when it comes to water heaters, we sell only the best: Rheem.
9/19/2017The Plumbing Pumps Indy Contractors Prefer
Indianapolis contractors know that Winthrop’s offering of quality plumbing supplies includes some of the finest pumps being manufactured today. We also offer highly competitive pricing as well as expert product selection assistance, technical support, troubleshooting, and product training from one of the most experienced and trusted plumbing supply staffs in the Indianapolis area.
9/12/2017Indy’s Top Source of Quality Plumbing Pipes and Fittings
Plumbing pipes and fittings certainly aren’t the most glamorous parts of the plumbing trade. What they are, however, is indispensible. And it pays to keep in mind that no other source in Indianapolis offers as wide a selection of quality plumbing pipes and fittings as Winthrop Supply. Just tell us what you need for plumbing repairs or new plumbing installations; we’re sure to have it. That includes pipes and fittings in all the standard sizes, of course. You’ll be glad to know, though, that we can quickly pre-cut pipes to any length you specify.
9/5/2017Indy Plumbing Fixtures Update: Winthrop’s Latest Kitchen & Bathroom Faucets
Winthrop Supply has long proven to be the Indianapolis “go to” place for the very latest in stylish, innovative, top-quality, and top-performing faucets. Whether you’re a commercial contractor, a residential contractor, or an avid DIY-er, you’ve got to stop into our Indy showroom. And if you can’t do that, then by all means, explore our website. You’re sure to find the kitchen or bathroom faucets you (or your customers) simply can’t do without!
8/28/2017Plumbing Supplies from Indy’s Friendly, Knowledgeable Provider
When you need the best plumbing supplies you can get your hands on, shop Winthrop. You won’t find a better selection or better service anywhere else in Indy!
8/21/2017High-quality Water Heater Repair Parts and Replacement in Indy
When you need quality water heater repair parts or a water heater replacement, Winthrop Supply is right here for you in Indianapolis.
8/14/2017Upgrading your Space by Getting a Replacement Sink
A simple way to bring new life to a kitchen or bathroom is by replacing the sink. It’s vital to have a stylish, functioning sink. Come to Winthrop & get yours!
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