As long as homes and other buildings here in Indy have plumbing, Indy’s contractors and do-it-yourselfers are going to need plumbing pipes and fittings. And the best place to get them? That would clearly be Winthrop Supply, Indy’s go-to plumbing supplier since 1939.

We carry virtually every type of plumbing pipe and fitting necessary not only for new plumbing installations but also to repair and replace older systems. Need copper pipe and fittings? We’ve got ’em. Same too with Zurn Plex, Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC, Copper, Black Schedule 40 and Schedule 80, and Galvanized Schedule 40. We’ve got valves, too – including ball, gate, globe, and check valves to accommodate all the different pipes in our inventory.

Of course, we have pipes cut to all the standard lengths. But you’ll undoubtedly need pipes in non-standard, perhaps even unusual, lengths as well. Not a problem! We can custom-cut pipe to whatever length you specify. Not only that, but we can also ship it to you direct, packaged with all the required fittings. That’s the kind of value-added service for which Winthrop Supply is justly famous.

Our expert, seasoned staff also provides much-appreciated value-added service with product selection assistance… responsive technical support … effective troubleshooting consultation … and, for the pros, product training as well as product certification.

Best of all, perhaps, we offer our products and services at highly competitive prices. That’s no pipe dream, either! See for yourself why Winthrop Supply is the place to go in Indy for all your plumbing pipes and fittings.