Talk about aggravation! Here we are wrapped in Winter, and suddenly, just when you’re showering one frigid morning, the water heater cops out! Or it fails just when you’re trying to tackle a sinkload of dirty dishes … or do a load of laundry. Whatever it is that keeps your water heater busy day to day, you can’t afford to have it go belly up – especially at this time of year! So, how do many Naptowners keep hot water “on tap” without fail? They look to Indy’s top plumbing supplier: Winthrop Supply. Or, more specifically, they look to the country’s longest-running wholesaler of Rheem water heaters: again, Winthrop Supply, Indy’s Rheem-designated, UL-approved Rheem Commercial Electric Water-Heater Conversion Center.

If you need a new replacement water heater, we’ve got it in stock for you. And you can get it for a very nice price. Our inventory runs the gamut from units rated at 50,000-BTU to better than 400,000. You undoubtedly won’t need our largest if you’re a homeowner. But it’s nice to know we’ve got a selection from which you can pick the best unit for your application – right? And don’t worry: our staff, as you might expect, knows water heaters inside out and top to bottom. We’ll help you make the right choice.

Say you don’t need an entirely new water heater, though, just a replacement part or two. You’re in luck! We also stock a huge selection of genuine Rheem factory replacement parts – ready on demand.

Don’t be left out in the cold this winter. Talk to the friendly, knowledgeable folks at Winthrop Supply about the best way to keep your water heater going strong – this season and for many a season to come.