Okay, so maybe Fall isn’t the usual time of year Indy people pick to renovate their kitchens. Sometimes, though, ya gotta do what ya gotta do – and ya gotta do it whenever: perhaps the porcelain on the old kitchen sink is scratched and cracked and the metal underneath is rusting through; or the kitchen faucet is loose and leaking. Right now, one may be only an eyesore and the other a nuisance. But let ’em go too long, and both can become serious, potentially expensive problems! Why wait? Winthrop Supply can supply you with just the sink and just the faucet you need to freshen up the look of your kitchen immediately, before what’s bad gets worse and your wallet gets wasted.

Look to us for the sinks and faucets that are most in demand, too, by Indianapolis homeowners, kitchen designers, and contractors. We’ve got the latest, trending styles. And we carry only the top brands, such as Elkay, whose stainless-steel sinks and faucets are among the most sought-after in the industry. Better yet, you’ll find all the styles you could want – and in a range of prices to suit your budget – under one roof, right here at our easily accessible Indianapolis location.

There’s something else our Indy location provides that has everybody buzzin’: a trained, experienced, highly skilled, and supremely knowledgeable staff. Anything that has anything to do with plumbing, our people have a handle on it. And area residents know it. Professional contractors and interior designers frequently consult with us. But so do do-it-yourselfers – homeowners just like you in need of advice on all sorts of subjects, from what model of sink or faucet works best in this or that application, to the proper installation method. Our people are always ready and eager to help you, too, no matter how complex or basic your need.

So don’t let that nasty-looking kitchen sink or that leaking faucet go any longer. Stop in at Winthrop Supply today. We can help keep your kitchen décor fashionable, your kitchen plumbing perfect, and your finances flush!