About Us

Plumbing, heating, and mechanical contractors throughout central Indiana have relied on us for top-quality residential and commercial plumbing supplies since our founding in 1939. Many of these contractors have been customers of ours for ages. Their loyalty stems, first, from our being a family owned and operated independent plumbing wholesaler.

We consider our customers part of our family – along with our employees, who are not only among the most knowledgeable in the region but also among the friendliest. If responsive, accommodating service is what you want from a plumbing and heating supplier, you can count on us to deliver it.

You can count on us as well for a vast, comprehensive line of top-quality, competitively priced plumbing, heating, and related equipment and supplies. That’s the second reason for our customers’ loyalty. We stock thousands of items in-house, and what we don’t stock we can quickly get our hands on. The relationships we have with our product manufacturing partners ensures quick service. So, no matter how small and basic your materials list or how large and complex, we’ll fulfill it pronto.

Another big reason our customers return to us again and again is our extensive product knowledge and our readiness to share it. We offer contractors wide-ranging consultation, training, and advice – for virtually any residential or commercial plumbing or heating project. We assist with everything, too, from plumbing or heating product selection, to technical support, to certification.

No wonder so many contractors contact Winthrop Supply for all their plumbing and heating needs. How can we help you?