Looking to spruce up your kitchen this spring? Winthrop Supply, a trusted Indianapolis plumbing fixture resource since 1939, suggests starting simple – with brand new kitchen faucets. We carry a variety of top-quality faucet brands, styles, and sizes, too, so there’s sure to be something that catches your fancy. Ask the pros at Winthrop about any of these basic faucet configurations:

  1. Single-Hole Faucets. These are the most common. Only one hole is needed for installation in your countertop. A single top-mounted handle controls water temperature and pressure.
  2. Centerset Faucets. Another common design, center-set faucets have two handles, one for hot water, the other for cold water, flanking a center water spout on a single base plate. Obviously, multiple holes are needed for installation.
  3. Widespread Faucets. Similar to centerset faucets, widespread faucets also have two handles flanking a center spout. In this case, though, the pieces are installed separately, and you have some flexibility as to how far apart from the center spout the handles are spaced.
  4. Pull-Out Faucets. These are faucets with detachable heads on a hose (or snake) that you pull out of the spout and maneuver closer to you for a freer range of cleaning positions.
  5. Pull-Down Faucets. Here the heads are fixed in a downward position and can be extended only downward. While you don’t have the flexibility to move the faucet around as you would if the head were on a hose, you still have a little more convenient rinsing capability – with less a chance of uncontrolled water spray going everywhere.
  6. Faucets with Sidesprayers. If you don’t want a faucet with a detachable head you can still have a flexible spray hose with this setup. A sidesprayer will use the same pipes as the faucet, but it’ll be separate from it and operate on its own power.
  7. Two-Handle, One-Hole Faucets. In this configuration, two handles, one for hot, the other for cold, are attached directly to the center spout, not installed as separate pieces. Thus, only one hole is required in your countertop.
  8. Basin Taps. These are mini single-control faucets, one for hot, one for cold, that sit side by side on your sink. The water control and the spout are included together in each unit.
  9. Wall-Mounted Faucets. Need to save countertop space? This is one great way to do it.
  10. Pot-Filler Faucets. Their extra-long spouts are designed to fill big basin sinks – like those found in restaurants and other commercial enterprises. But good news for ambitious home chefs: they’re available for home use, too!
  11. Commercial Kitchen Faucets. These are generally more expensive, precision made, technologically advanced faucets designed for professional chefs – but, again, available for home use.
  12. Faucets with Pre-installed Water Filters. If you’re concerned about the purity of your family’s drinking water, stop buying throwaway filters and buy a faucet that has a permanent filter instead. You’ll find such faucets available in a variety of styles to suit your taste and budget.

Confused by the array of choices? The plumbing fixture experts at Winthrop will gladly help you find the most appropriate faucet style for your kitchen’s décor and your particular needs. Come see us at our convenient Indy location.