Now that we’re looking at another Indianapolis Winter in the rearview mirror, it’s time to head on over to Winthrop Supply, Indy’s perennial plumbing fixture go-to place.

You know that leaky kitchen faucet you’ve got? We’ve got plenty of new ones – and stylish ones! – to replace it. You might want to make that a priority, too. Why? Well, say your faucet’s dripping only twice a minute. What that really means is, you’re wasting over a gallon of water a week – and paying for it to slip down the drain, unused!

Then, there’s that dingy enclosed shower in the master bedroom en-suite. Isn’t it about due for an upgrade?

The point is, Spring is a great time to handle the usual plumbing projects Indy homeowners undertake, and Winthrop Supply is a great place to get all the plumbing fixtures anyone could want. We know we’ve got the most wanted brand names – names like Gerber, Lasco, Pearl, Elkay, and Mustee, for example. These are the brands do-it-yourselfers and professional plumbers truly trust.

Do-it-yourselfers and professionals also trust Winthrop for excellent consultation and customer service. Whether they need help choosing the right plumbing fixture or need us to troubleshoot, say, a particularly difficult installation situation, Winthrop’s experienced staff is here for them. We know plumbing.

Oh, and we also offer among Indy’s most competitive and affordable prices. So quick, before Spring goes the way of Winter, head on over to Winthrop Supply and get your plumbing projects rolling with the best plumbing fixtures available anywhere!