When it comes to plumbing pipes and fittings, Indy plumbing contractors and do-it-yourselfers know the place to go is Winthrop Supply. That’s been true since we first opened up in 1939, too. You can trust that we’ve got virtually every kind of pipe and fitting you could possibly need, whether for new plumbing installations or for repair and replacement projects: Schedule 40 and Schedule 80 PVC, Black Schedule 40 and Schedule 80, Galvanized Schedule 40, Copper, and Zurn Plex – it’s all part of our regular inventory.

And what isn’t part of our inventory – say, those non-standard pipe lengths you invariably have to have? Fret not! We can get ’em for you pronto. You see, a good part of our business is custom-cutting pipe to any length customers like you require. We then ship it to you direct with all the necessary fittings, wherever it’s got to go, whenever it’s got to get there. So what kind of pipe in what lengths do you need? Stop in at our conveniently located Indy showroom or call us, and give us the specs. We’ll take it from there.

Rest assured also that we stock every kind of fitting to fit the pipe we carry, including a comprehensive range of ball valves, gate valves, globe valves, and check valves.

Need help selecting the right pipes and fittings for your project? Our well-trained and experienced staff will be more than happy to provide it. Not only that, but Winthrop people are skilled at troubleshooting when piping projects prove difficult – or just plain go wrong. And if you’re a pro looking for product training and certification? That’s also a Winthrop specialty.

No wonder Winthrop Supply is Indy’s choice for quality, affordable pipes and fittings. Check us out, and we’re confident we’ll be your choice, too.