We stock a huge inventory of top-quality, top brand plumbing fixtures, including products from ...
  • Gerber – china bathroom fixtures to accommodate virtually any commercial or residential requirement
  • Lasco – acrylic and gelcoated fiberglass fixtures for commercial ADA as well as residential new and remodel applications
  • Pearl – acrylic whirlpool and shower products
  • Elkay – stainless steel sinks, faucets, and coolers
  • Mustee – fiberglass shower floors, walls, and sinks, including commercial floor-mounted mop sinks
Count on us also to provide ...
  • competitive pricing
  • a highly trained, skilled, and experienced staff that’s genuinely happy to serve you
  • assistance with product selection
  • expert technical support, including troubleshooting as needed
  • product training and certification

We've been serving plumbing, heating, and mechanical contractors throughout central Indiana since 1939. Contact Winthrop Supply and let us serve you ... with the finest fixtures and support available.