ScaleBlasterAre you sick of lugging heavy bags of salt to your water softener every month? Looking for a more environmentally-friendly method of conditioning your water? ScaleBlaster is the water softener alternative you have been searching for. ScaleBlaster doesn't use salt, and that is an immediate savings up front.
This environmentally friendly electronic water conditioner tackles the problem of lime buildup in a different way than traditional salt water softeners do. This innovative product produces an oscillating electronic field through the use of complex modulation to cause calcium ions to lose their adhesive properties.
The result is the calcium isn't able to form lime buildup and instead flows out of the tap along with the water. Water's natural characteristic of a universal solvent pulls any existing lime into the flow. This reduces and eventually eliminates lime buildup on the wall of your home’s pipes.
With less lime buildup you can save as much as 20% in water heating and sewer bills while helping the environment as the same time. The best part is its compact size and computerized system is virtually maintenance free. A ScaleBlaster system has a longer system life than salt water softeners, and it is fast acting. You can see results in as little as 90 days!
With low maintenance, lime scale removal, and cost savings that are better than regenerative softeners, it's time to check out the water softener alternative - ScaleBlaster.
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